Saturday, November 15, 2014

Mystixx Goth Couture dress from the 99 Cents Only

After a junket to S.A.S. Fabric on Saturday afternoon, I impulsively took a #12 bus up Twelfth Street, where I discovered another Tuesday Morning (where I decided to pass on a short-haired Bratz Strut It! Yasmin), a hardware store with live chickens, a pizzeria with anchovies, and a gigantic 99 Cents Only with large bags of ghost-shaped marshmallows for 9 cents. Since I'm neither eight years old nor Martha Stewart, I don't care if my marshmallows are out of season, as long as they're not stale.

In an end cap at the 99 Cents Only, I found this.

Hi. Surprised to see me here?
At first glance, I thought it was Goth Girls, like at Dollar General... but no... it's Mystixx. As in, the two-faced vampire girls (except when they're zombie girls or shape-shifting forest creature girls). Apparently these outfit packs have been out for a while, as I can find a nice clear shot on Flickr dated from August 2013. They are now $1.99, as part of the 99 Cents Only's slippery slope toward charging more than 99 cents. First it's $1.99, then it's $3.99, then the next thing you know, you're bringing in furniture like Big Lots.

A crowd has gathered for the box-opening, with every body type sending a representative to see who can wear the dress.

L-R: Rebecca [Fashionista body], Julianne [built like old-style Barbie], Sophie [Liv], Dresden [standard Bratz body],
Yasmin [taller Bratz body], Cleo [Monster High], Briony [Ever After High], Pippa [Midnight Magic]
The plastic bits of the box pull apart easily. The dress and leggings are held to the backing with a small number of plastic tags. So very little damage to life or property occurs in unboxing.

Here we are: two-toned reversible wig, dime-a-dance dress, platform bowling shoes, leggings, and sparkly wristband. The straps on the front of the dress are plain black elastic on the back, but it's otherwise decently constructed and has real seams rather than serging.

In Phoenix, this would be ordinary street wear on a Tuesday afternoon.
Being logical and methodical, I planned to try the dress on dolls in order of figure type, starting with the skinniest and working up. This means starting with Cleo, who has been de-tinseled in the Muff-approved manner.

This green clashes with my lipstick.
Well, that was simple. The Mystixx dress fits Cleo, and that, barely. Everybody else is thicker about the middle, so there's no point in trying further.

It's all right, Cleo. You'll get invited to better parties eventually.
Since Hattie was currently unclothed, she gets the dress, which I think suits her surprisingly well. (Cleo's outfit is still waiting on a coat, though I'm startled by how far "off" the blue is, under artificial light. Eep! I may backtrack and see if I still have enough leopard ruffles to make her a dress instead of the skirt and top.)

The wig was one reason I nabbed a Mystixx outfit instead of waiting to see if I ran into Goth Girls again. It has bangs in front but a sort of wavy part in back. The hair quality is nothing special.

Definitely an asymmetric cut.
Although Toy Box Philosopher had warned that Mystixx wigs don't fit Liv, Sophie wanted to try out green as a look.

Since I have no intention of buying a Mystixx, I flipped the wig inside out and cut off the peg. (Plus, I figured that if I change my mind, wigs probably stay on without pegs, as long as I'm not having the gals enact scenarios that involve being upside down.)

Still nope.
The wig is too big for a Liv head! If we're looking for a bigger head than Liv, that takes us straight to Bratz. Dresden -- my experimental thrift-store "make under" -- is the logical candidate to try the wig, since she has shorter, non-bulky hair.

At least Hattie likes her dress.

It's a trapeze silhouette, Hattie. I do NOT look pregnant.
For $1.99, it's a decent dress with acceptable accessories. I'd say I didn't really need a Goth dress with matching platform bowling shoes, except Hattie looks so happy in it.
Gotta run! My ride is waiting.


  1. That's a nice dress for $1.99. Maybe you'll find something to do with the wig. Hattie looks happy with the dress and shoes.

    1. There must be something to do with a wig, right?

      Hattie is especially happy to not be lying naked on the kitchen counter. She was worried that her Permanent Resident status was endangered.

  2. Hi Smaller Place, the dress fits beautifully on Hattie! I'd love to see Cleo in a leopard dress!

    1. Thanks! I keep buying leopard scraps at S.A.S., so leopard dress has got to happen someday, right?

  3. The dress looks awesome on Hattie! And LOL @ "I do NOT look pregnant."