Thursday, December 7, 2017

Jingle all the way to the Lille Huset

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Elvin and Melvin's house. (Psst! There will be a SURPRISE of usefulness at many doll scales after the jump!)

Melvin, still in his robe due to chilly weather, is surprised when Elvin hauls home a tree!
Melvin said to lay out the garland and untangle it first, but does anyone ever listen? No.

It must have two ends! Everything has two ends!
Keep going...


(The angel fell off about two minutes later.)
 Still not done, though. There are outdoor lights to hang.

Elvin, don't you want a step ladder?


Not only do the lights blink, they have two speeds. Above is fast, below is slow, and you can also set them to quietly stay on without blinking at all.

This marvelous product is a Flashing Bulb Necklace from CVS. It was on an end rack in the Christmas section. The battery can be replaced when it runs out, and really, as blinking things go, it's pretty cool.

Impulse buys FTW.
I feel like ending with the product kind of.... peters out, so how about some Christmas music suitable for Melvin and Elvin's refined listening tastes?


  1. That is soooo adorable! The little doggie too!!!!!

  2. These two are awesome, and their hose looks quite good. Made me smile today, thanks!

  3. That's really cute!!! Happy holidays!!!