Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Meet Evi LOVE, the clone who isn't quite a clone

Some of the younger folks gather excitedly to see who came home in a box after my Toys R Us visit last week.

It's a motley crew. L-R: Madame Alexander travel doll Italy, Sparkle Girlz Mini,
Chinese clone of SGM, and Stacie's friend Miranda.
I found this gal over in some random aisle where the Shopkins and My Little Ponies lurk, but she sure looks like a clone of a Sparkle Girlz Mini... only some, including this bike rider, have articulated knees! This pack cost $6.99.

Comes in white and ambiguous brown!
Let's unbox her!

Evi LOVE is marked as a Toys R Us exclusive brand, which is part of why I think "clone." However, wandering over to its German manufacturer, Simba Toys, reveals that Evi LOVE, like my mysterious Abbie, has an entire civilization that's better-developed than even what Barbie's younger sister Kelly/Chelsea enjoys. Horses! Houses! Cars! Dolphins! Check it out.

Evi LOVE is presumably the younger sister of Barbie-type Steffi LOVE, who appears to adore animals and whose life is so glamorous that it's possible to buy a three-pack of her boyfriend Kevin.

I promise I will not try to cross Central Avenue.
Evi comes out of the box easily enough that I still have all my fingers, though I broke one nail. She's attached to her bicycle with tiny rubber bands. Getting the bike helmet on her requires fine motor coordination and the remaining finger nails, but let's just sit here and contemplate her adorableness.

Despite being lurid pink, the bike is pretty fantastic. The pedals move, the wheels turn... it's highly functional and even has training wheels. Due to the way the pedals attach, there's not a good way to take it apart to paint it a more reasonable color, so I may go the other way and stick pastel dollar-store gems on it if the pink really annoys me.

This bike is the most sophisticated miniature vehicle in my collection.
Look at the brakes! Look at the basket!
In size and configuration, Evi is closest to a Sparkle Girlz Mini, so her natural pals include Makena and Albemarle.
Not quite all the same face, but close.
Evi is either a titch older than Makena or destined to be a larger person. Not only are her legs longer to give room for the knee joint, but she has larger feet and hands.

I hope getting out of toddler sizes doesn't force me to dress too sophisticated!
Lest we worry that Evi is growing up too fast, she can't kneel with stability, but she crawls convincingly.
Crawling across glass is creepy! Good thing I'm not scared of heights.
Evi sits in a fairly unembarrassing manner -- and certainly in a more lifelike way than Makena.

Time for our pre-school shots! I wish the doctor would hurry up.
Evi and Makena can wear each other's clothes, sort of. The Sparkle Girlz Mini outfit is a tight fit on Evi, so she won't be borrowing it for anything other than dress-up, while Evi's scrubs are baggy on Makena. I really should glue myself to the sewing machine and make a batch of "little girl" clothes.
You be me for a while, and I'll be you.
Getting Evi back on her bike, without rubber bands, is challenging, but it can be done... and Makena and Albemarle are very envious of their new friend's wheels.
Add a wagon and we could go to the pool by ourselves...
if only it didn't require crossing the street.


  1. This is all so adorable. I absolutely love the little bicycle!!

  2. At least Evi has underwear on. lol They are super cute!

    1. Remember the days when dolls all had to have sewn underwear? And the elastic always went?

  3. I just saw several items from this line, including a bunk bed (I was tempted to buy), a playground and some boxes of three girls each. Thank you for sharing your new purchase. I'm sure she will enjoy playing with the other girls.

    1. The ones that tempted me were the vets with pets, but I wasn't sure if those had the jointed knees. Some in the line don't...

  4. Hello! I've seen some of those Steffi Love dolls and they may not be as trendy as Barbie, but I think that Mattel could learn a thing or two from some of those playsets. I recall that she had a van that was pretty cool. Also, those dolls and accesories are cheaper than Barbie and could be great for customizing.

    1. I'm feeling envious of Europeans for having Steffi Love! I'd be buying her instead of Barbie.

  5. Look at all that cuteness! That bike is awesome. Thanks for sharing. I need to check these out.