Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Go West, Young 3/4-Scale Women!

It was a dark and stormy night in Long Beach (except for the very bright moon).

Definitely dark. Also stormy.
Mila and Kyla are punchy after the three-day drive from New England, but not so punchy that they can't be appalled by seeing the 1970s kitchen remodeling in person. Orange cabinets have got to go.

But there's a dishwasher...
Even the lobster is appalled. (We know they're from New England: they brought a lobster.)

Help me! Too much orange!
Their colonial-style furniture, lovingly collected for pennies on the dollar at barns across the Northeast, seems lost in the new great room.

We've got to put the sofa somewhere.
Under the cat seems like a good place.
The fireplace mantel is elegant, but probably not original, and all the blue-and-white pottery just feels out of place.

Bring me some Diet Dr. Pepper and an Advil, please.
There is, however, a utility room. In their old condo, there was never anywhere to put the vacuum cleaner.
The former owners must have been into extreme couponing.
The bathroom is in surprisingly good shape and may get by with just cleaning the grout.
It's very... pink, isn't it?
The master bedroom is tiny, and the fireplace probably isn't original.

Do we need a fireplace in the bedroom? It never gets cold here.
The fireplace appears to be blocking a patio door.

On nice mornings -- which are all of them -- we can sit on the patio in our nightgowns and drink coffee!
The nursery needs to be made into a game room or something. Mila and Kyla have talked about adopting, but right now, they're focused on their careers.

Also: elephant rights! What if it doesn't want to balance on that bucket?
The patio outside the nursery is in grungier shape and may require re-flooring.

This one's got a better view of the ocean... as you can tell from the rust.
Here's another exterior door that has no interior door to match. This would lead into the kitchen... except it doesn't.

Maybe it leads to an alternative dimension.
Of course, since this is California, the house has to have a garage.

Sports car or Vespa? Maybe both.
This is a 1950s T. Cohn tin litho house -- my very favorite of the tin litho houses, intended for the Jaydon-heavy vintage plastic furniture collection. It will be getting some gradual work over the next little while.


  1. OMG I had a dollhouse like that! Although I don't think mine had a Spanish tile roof design. I had mine in the 60s, and the plastic furniture in those love 60s colours, like aqua. Thank you for posting it! Great trip down memory lane.

  2. Fantastic dollhouse! I really enjoyed the tour and the girls looked like they had a blast. Your commentary is always so funny. :)

  3. Thanks for this entertaining and very funny tour around the house :-D. The house is great, even the elephant on the bucket! And the garage! A beautiful vintage item.

  4. This was funny, especially the doors without a corresponding inside door. I hope the remodel can whip it into shape.

  5. This will be fun to watch. Then in will come hang out on the patio with the girls!

  6. I had that kitchen when I was a girl back in the 70s. It's Lundby, which you probably know, if all the markings are intact on that set. I'm looking forward to seeing what the these two do with the place.

  7. Wow, this really takes me back. Can't wait to see what you do with this dollhouse!

  8. OMG, they made those Midnight Magic dolls tiny! Aaacckkk!

    Very cool dollhouse ;-)

  9. JoJo, Farrah Lily, Linda, Janainah, Grandmommy, Barb, April, D7ana -- thank you, thank you!

    Yep, the Midnight Magic gals all came in a 3" version at Family Dollar last year.

    Barb, I think I'm going to give the other Midnight Magic household this Lundby kitchen (it can be Hallowe'en themed for them) and give this house the Smaller Homes yellow-and-white kitchen.

  10. What a fun looking project! I'm digging the patios.