Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Iron Craft #7: D is for a Duo of Doll outfits with Denim and Diagonal stripes

Meet Maudia and Claudia, the Werewolf Twins. They're all dressed for Iron Craft Challenge #7, brought to you by the letter D.
No, we don't hunt vampires. Deal with it.
The Park & Swap was open on Easter Sunday, so obviously showing appreciation for this fact meant buying something.

Of the four main ghoulfriends, I have Draculaura (D'Laura), Cleo de Nile (Cleo and Hattie), and Frankie Stein (commemorative Goodwill-opens-down-the-block edition)... but no Clawdeen. Until now. I couldn't decide which of the two I wanted, and I didn't want to destroy the vendor's ability to make change with my lack of one-dollar bills, so I bought both.

Of course, they demanded outfits the minute their hair had been boil-washed, which is why I have two extras above and beyond the April daily-outfit-challenge items here and here.

Claudia likes gardening, canning, crotcheting her own pot holders, and neo-folk music. In high school, she was president of the Future Farmers of America chapter. At ASU, she's planning a double major in home economics and agribusiness, with the goal of starting her own organic food brand.

Not pickles, though. I don't like garlic.
Her outfit is my now-usual pants pattern, with a ruffle-bottom top gathered onto a chest band. Ruffles were my new skill that week! She also has an anklet and custom ear jewelry.

Maudia, by contrast, was on the debate team. She's majoring in political science and has her sights set on law school, where she intends to focus on constitutional law. (If there is a wrong to be righted, Maudia is there to tell you about it.) She hopes to be the first werewolf to argue before the Supreme Court.

Res ipsa loquitur. Tell it to the hand.
Maudia's dress is my first try at a proper Monster High dress that's simply cut to the doll's silhouette and given a pouffy skirt. The stripes are diagonal because that seemed more stylish, also in hope that the bias cut would give a little ease.

While the twins have little in common, they never forget that they're family.

Maudia: Claudia, if we look like pathetic orphans, maybe people will give us cookies.


  1. They look great. Love how real they look the way you pose them.

  2. Very cute! I love that first picture. They are styling and profiling.

  3. Great outfits and I love their back stories. I totally lean towards Claudia's though because I was in FFA too in high school. I was also in FHA (homemakers) because country girls must have many skills and know how to tend house. *hair flip*

  4. The twins are too cute. Do they accept Internet "cookies?" LOL at my bad, tasteless joke. Hoo hoo ... yeah, I know they didn't appreciate that pun.

    Oh, I commend your kindness in taking both twins in so that the vendor didn't have to make change. See how a small act of kindness extended to two new doll members and fashion inspiration and a fun post. Awesome ;-)